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The Cabinet

Our talented and hard-working cabinet members are listed below:

The School Cabinet 2019 -2020

Speaker of the House

Dylan Bloor

Prime Minister

Edie Chuard

Deputy Prime Minister

Freddie Haines-Shaw

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Max Bryars

Minister of Sport

Miles Chuard

Minister of Health and Pastoral Care

Zach Spring

Home Secretary

George Vickers-Smith

Minister of Technology

Shane Deller

Minister of Innovation

Elliott Drinkwater


Calista Seklecki

Minister of International Development

Spencer Beale

Minister for Rural Affairs

Evie Blackwell

Minister of Play

Jenson Wheatley

Media Minister

Jaden Wilkinson

Minister of Transport

Kalvin Appleton

Minister of Culture

Charlotte O’Shea

Minister for Equal Opportunities

Westly Hughes

Minister of Education

Henri Knobel