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Dropping off and Collecting Pupils 

Please bring your child to the main school door in the morning and then allow them to enter school on their own.

This encourages independence in your child and helps maintain a peaceful start to the school morning. In the afternoon you will need to go to the outside door of your child's classroom (Pixies, Elves and Dragons). For the Wizards, you will need to collect your child from the front door of the school.

If you have more than one child to collect, we suggest that you collect the younger ones first. We will not let brothers and sisters go until you come for them. If your child is going home with somebody else or unexpected circumstances arise, please send a note or ring the office to keep us informed.

For safeguarding purposes, we will not allow any children to go home with neighbours, friends etc. unless you have authorised it with us.

When collecting children by car, please do not park on the zig zag lines outside school - they are there to protect your child.