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November 2019

  • 12/11/19

    Children in Need - Friday 15th November

    Some of you may be aware of the fundraising for Team Anna - a little girl in Chipping Norton who has cancer and needs to go to America for an operation. Lots of the local school have been helping with the fundraising and we would like to join in. As a result of this, as well as raising money for Chi...
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  • 11/11/19

    Term 2 - We are scientists: mechanical engineering

    What are forces and work?  Newton's Laws of Motion will be put to the test by the children in key stage 2, who will be investigating forces, motion and gravity.  The key questions they will be asking are: Why do things move towards the ground? How do things fall? What makes things...
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  • 11/11/19

    Term 2: We are Scientists: pushes and pulls

    This term in the Pixies' and Elves' Classes the children will be finding out about toys that move.  In their own Santa's workshop they will be building toys that move by air (windmills and aeroplanes), toys powered by springs (like monster jump-ups), by water (boats and submari...
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  • 07/11/19

    Key dates for the diary this term!

    This term is always a busy one, with lots of exciting school events planned.
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