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Term 2: Scientists at work!

Science experiments and engineering projects have been happening across the school this term.  Our curriculum has challenged children to ask searching questions about how the world works and asked them to investigate physics and mechanical engineering through theory and practical investigations.

This week, in the Pixies Class, the children have been exploring  magnets.  What kind of materials will be attracted to them?  What repels them? Will magnets still work through a barrier?

The Elves' have been designing their own flying machines and testing them out.  What force will help them to fly?  What brings them back down to Earth?  

In the Dragons Class, the children have been building automatons - mechanical creatures with moving parts.   ( Reece and Henry are demonstrating their frog and spider automatons in the photo above).

Science investigations have also been the focus in the Wizards' Class; some of the key questions they have asked this term include: Can you change the way a paper spinner falls?  What happens to materials when they are burnt?  Can you make a self-inflating balloon? and Can you design and make an unsinkable boat?  

Please see below for photos of the children and some examples of their work this term. 

Next term: We are Naturalists!