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Term 2: We are Scientists: pushes and pulls

This term in the Pixies' and Elves' Classes the children will be finding out about toys that move.  In their own Santa's workshop they will be building toys that move by air (windmills and aeroplanes), toys powered by springs (like monster jump-ups), by water (boats and submarines) and toys that move by spinning, bouncing and hitting. The children will be introduced to simple machines (levers, wheels and axles) in our construction area. Through play and exploration, the children will be investigating forces and testing Newtonian physics in very practical ways: When a force pushes or pulls the object, the object will move in the direction of the force.  The bigger the force, and the lighter the object, the greater the acceleration...

The questions they will be asking might include;  which ball is the bounciest?  How can I make my toy car move more quickly? How can I slow it down? What brings the ball back down to the ground?