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The Lion King


Yesterday, we enjoyed the colourful experience of seeing 'The Lion King' at the Lyceum Theatre, in preparation for our Summer Term topic, 'We are Costume Designers'. Prior to the performance, pupils in KS2 visited Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden to participate in a high-energy dance and music workshop, learning dialogue, songs and dances from the show. The children report...

Lucy (Y6): 'I loved the workshop - just being in the Pineapple Studios was amazing! I loved watching the professionals dancing through the window. I was so grateful to be able to perform a dance from The Lion King in a professional studio; I couldn't describe how happy I was. When I'm older, my dream is to be in the show of The Lion King.' Our dance instructor, Ingrid, was a gazelle in the show, a few years back. Our dance was The Circle of Life.'

Lukie (Y5): 'I loved every second of The Lion King: it's mix of humour and emotion was heart-warming. The actors in the performance were also amazing and they made the animals so real.'

Spencer (Y4): 'Our trip to The Lion King was as lively as if you were about to win the Champion's League! Personally, my favourite bits were when Scar and Mufasa died because of the lightning bolts and sound effects at the back of the stage. It went black and white.'

Edie (Y4): 'In the dance workshop we did some singing, dancing and acting (it was nearly better than the show). It was probably the best workshop I had done all year. We all had an animal from The Lion King and had a dance routine to go with it. If you think that is hard, we had to sing The Circle of Life too. Singing, dancing and acting all at once was very tiring."

Florence (Y2): 'It was amazing how the people walked on stilts and it didn't look like they were on stilts.'

Dominic (Y2): 'The best thing ever!'

Oakley (Y1): 'I loved the puzzle of Mufasa's face, when it appeared when Simba was looking in the water.'

Louis (YR): 'It was really, really funny when the lady hit Simba on the head.'