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Welcome to the new school year!


Welcome back to another exciting school year, with a very warm welcome to all of our new starters! This year the children will be developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need to create a robot zoo.

Topic:  We begin the year as philosophers by asking some big questions, exploring ideas about existence, equality, right and wrong, knowledge and thinking. This will help us to answer tricky questions, such as ‘What rights do we have?’, ‘Should animals have the same rights as us?’ and even, ‘Should robots have the same rights?’ In the Spring we will be scientists, finding out about the physics of movement and applying our new understanding when we create robots for our zoo. As naturalists, we will also investigate our senses, so that we can transfer this knowledge to improve our robot designs. During the early part of the summer we will become robotic engineers in order to bring our zoo into existence. We are looking forward to sharing the finished zoo with you in the Summer Term. Finally, we will end the school year by taking to the stage as performers. If you have experience of working in any of these areas please let us know - we are always looking out for experts to share their knowledge! 

Meet & Greets: We warmly invite you to our Meet and Greet on September 12th, to hear more about our curriculum this term. The meeting for parents of pupils in Pixies and Elves begins at 3:30 pm and finishes at 4:00 pm. The Dragons and Wizards meeting starts at 4:00 pm and finishes at 4:30 pm.

Uniform: We would like to thank you for preparing your children so well for school; they all look very smart in their new school uniform! 

Communication: We are currently looking to employ an experienced receptionist, following the departure of Mrs Daymond at the end of the summer. Until this vacancy is filled, Mrs Hannis and Mrs Whybrow are working hard to deal with office tasks, as well as carrying out their normal responsibilities. We will check incoming messages as often as possible but until we are able to make an appointment, you may need to use the answering service to get in touch. We will respond at our earliest opportunity. As always, we are here to help. It is always best to contact teachers at the end of the school day, so that they can be ready to greet the children in the morning.

Parking: There should be no parking on the zigzag lines outside reception, in the interest of everybody’s safety. Over the years, we have carried out numerous interventions to try to ease parking problems. Unfortunately, our jurisdiction does not extend beyond the school gates and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children arrive at school safely. Please allow extra time in the morning to drop your child off, without compromising the safety of others. Most of us have hurried mornings but we are sure that we would all agree that a little kindness goes a long way and no schedule is so important that it is worth risking the safety of our children. Likewise, please bear this in mind when collecting your child.

Open Morning: We will be holding an open morning on October 4th, for parents with children coming up to school age. If you would like to attend please notify the school office.

Parent/Teacher Consultations are due to take place on Monday 16th October and Wednesday 18th October. Please put the date in your diaries!

We wish you all a happy and successful term ahead.