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The Opening of School Parliament

This term ‘we are activists’. Last term, children listened to party manifestos presented by pupils in Wizards Class. They voted for the Sustainability Party. Today, Ms. Hornibrook opened the School Parliament.

Prime Minister, Barney (Year 6), gave a presentation about sustainability and ‘Eco-Schools’ accreditation, ably supported by Year 5 experts Jemima and Daisy. Ministers then debated the action we should take to make our school more sustainable and eco-friendly. Following their trip to the Houses of Parliament last week, Wizards Class led a spirited debate. They raised the importance of refusing, reducing, recycling, reusing and repairing. It was agreed that the school should work towards achieving the Eco-Schools green flag accreditation. You can read more here:

In choosing priorities for action, Ministers passionately debated protecting our animal and plant habitats and also considered taking action to reduce pollution from cars and smoking outside school and to prevent careless disposal of litter. Pupils voted to begin by taking action on improving and protecting animal habitats. Next week, they will be canvassing pupils in other classes to find out about actions that younger children want to take to protect and develop animal habitats in school.