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Curriculum Implementation

In order to develop pupils' aspirations and understanding of the relevance of their learning to the world that they live in and in preparation for later life, the curriculum consists of a sequence of job-related topics that encourage children to see themselves in a particular role and to develop an appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding that underpin expertise.

There are twenty-four topics in total, which are broadly grouped into three categories: STEM subjects, Arts subjects and Humanities. These groupings allow us to explore different areas of learning in greater depth at different times in order to allow children to develop mastery and make meaningful links. Depending on the focus of the term's topic, pupils might be engineers, animators or architects, for example. The topics are repeated with a different emphasis on learning after each four-year cycle. See below:

Chadlington Curriculum Plan 4-Year Cycle

Throughout each learning cycle we run a varied programme of ambitious projects, developing themes over consecutive topics and scaffolding learning, sometimes over several months. This allows pupils to develop skills and knowledge in a range of contexts, making connections between areas of learning and applying their understanding in new situations. To view the current programme of projects see below:

Chadlington Four Year Project Plan