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Term 1: We are Philosophers

This term, as part of our We are Philosophers’ topic, we have been thinking about philosophical questioning: this has included researching the philosophers Aristotle and Socrates. We have discussed a variety of topics including questions such as ‘What makes something Wild?’ and ‘Should the school day last for twelve hours?’. The children have had the opportunity to offer their point of view – providing reasons for their opinions.

In Science, the children have investigated an array of different ideas around burning. They carried out an investigation to examine the claim ‘A Candle Burns Longer in a Bigger Beaker’. The Socratic method of questioning was used by the children – Examine a claim, Questions a claim, Find True Knowledge. The children made a hypothesis prior to carrying out the investigation then recorded their findings. Finally, they constructed a graph of their results. The children also investigated what happens when different liquids are mixed with bicarbonate of soda – observing what they could see and hear happening as well as examining what was similar about the liquids that reacted the most. We were able to make a self-inflating balloon using the information that we found out!

The Wizards have created a timeline in the classroom of how communication has changed over time; they have also researched how telegrams, telephones and televisions work in addition to making a fact file of how Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press changed the world. In Art and Design and Technology, the children have been incredibly busy producing their own version of ‘The School of Athens’ by Raphael as well as making cup phones, flick books (to demonstrate how televisions work) and using a mini printing press to show how Gutenberg’s printing press functioned.

We have just begun to examine what Alchemy is and the children have debated the pros and cons of living forever!