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This week in Dragons...


Well done to Dragons who gave it their all at the Chadathon, all children running a mile with some managing three!  Fantastic effort, everyone!

Theatre Workshop

Dragons had brilliant day in London on Wednesday.  At the Lion King Theatre Workshop at Pineapple Studios, the children were taught the vocals and choreography for the opening number “The Circle of Life”, taking on the roles of zebras, gazelles, birds and wildebeest.  The show itself was awesome!  This experience will set the children up for their own production next term.

Designing a Mechanical Model

Our trip to the Mechanical Art and Design Museum was cancelled due to snow. However, it has been rescheduled for April 19th.  The children have been building their own buggies in class and will bring back a timberkit mechanical model to design and make. Find out more at:

Birds of Prey

On Thursday we will be at the Cotswold Falconry Centre at Batsford Arboretum, finding out about about adaptation and flight.